Ontario HST Anniversary

July 1, 2012  |  HST  |  Comments Off

Happy Canada Day Everyone,

Today is July 1st 2012, a holiday dedicated to the greatest country on Earth. Remember to have fun, respect your country and be safe.

Today is also the 2nd anniversary of HST in Ontario. Thats right, on July 1st 2010 the province of Ontario began charging Harmonized Sales Tax on many goods and services. If you’re looking for a list of HST applicable items, please read the detailed guide to HST changes.

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Final HST Rebate Cheque – Soon

June 2, 2011  |  HST News  |  Comments Off

The Final Ontario HST Rebate Cheque is Coming Soon

It’s June, which means the final Ontario Sales Tax Transition Benefit is almost here. The HST cheque, also known as the HST rebate, will be sent by mail to qualifying Ontario residents sometime this month. HST Ontario will provide an update once a specific date is available.

How much is your HST rebate cheque?

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HST Rebate Cheques Going out Today

December 11, 2010  |  rebates  |  Comments Off

Ontario HST rebate cheques are on their way, just in time for the Holidays! The second wave of Ontario HST cheques, promised by the Ontario government, will begin going out today, HST Ontario has learned.

From today through December 17th qualifying Ontario residents will begin receiving their 2nd HST rebate in the mail or by direct deposit.

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Does the Ontario HST matter anymore?

September 17, 2010  |  HST Debate  |  1 Comment

It’s been 79 days since harmonized sales tax was implemented in Ontario Canada and the conversation seems to have died.

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HST Begins Now

July 1, 2010  |  HST  |  Comments Off

Happy Canada Day Everyone. Today you’re getting a gift from your government – harmonized sales tax. For some HST is considered a special gift but for many more Ontario residents HST is a gift they would rather return.

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A Detailed Guide to HST Changes in Ontario

June 7, 2010  |  HST Ontario  |  4 comments

The Ontario HST tax reform is around the corner. HST launches on July 1st. Many goods & services will see no tax change, a few will actually see HST lower sales tax and some will see an HST tax increase.

HST Ontario has put together a list of all the major upcoming tax changes in Ontario. Here is: A Detailed Guide to HST Changes in Ontario

  • Domestic Airfare – Any domestic air travel that originates from Ontario will see a tax increase. Airfare in Ontario is presently taxed GST only, after July 1 all flights leaving Ontario will be subject to HST.
  • Domestic Rail – Traveling along the rails will cost you more sales tax. Rail fare originating from Ontario will increase to thirteen percent when harmonized sales tax starts in July.

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3 Ways HST is Lowering Sales Tax (seriously)

May 11, 2010  |  HST  |  2 comments

When HST begins you will pay more sales tax on many goods and services in Ontario. That is a fact.

Here is another fact: Some purchases will see a tax decrease when HST launches in Ontario. Surprised? So were we.

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Purchases with No HST Increase

May 8, 2010  |  HST Tax  |  1 Comment

Like it or not HST is going to increase the sales tax on many goods and services in Ontario. While the ongoing HST debate is often centered on the addition of taxes, the increase is just part of the HST landscape.

The Ontario Ministry of Revenue has claimed that 83% of consumer purchases will not receive an increase in sales tax. That means there will not be a tax increase on most purchases made in Ontario.

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Rent Protected from HST

April 12, 2010  |  HST News  |  Comments Off

Breaking News

The much talked about HST rent increase is no longer! On Monday April 12, renters in Ontario got a break. The upcoming harmonized sales tax will not result in a rent increase according to Premiere Dalton McGuinty.

While promising to be fair to both tenants and landlords the Premiere announced today that an HST related increase in energy costs will not cause rent to rise.

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Video Killed the HST Myth

April 2, 2010  |  HST Ontario  |  Comments Off

Our techo friends at the Ontario government recently released a new video that debunks what they call HST myths. The video, in the most basic way, addresses some of the many negative talking points Ontarian’s are being exposed to.

HST Ontario thinks its a good thing to see the government embracing the technology we use – even if it is to support a new sales tax.

Check out the HST video after the jump.

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